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Physical Science 20 (1 Credit) Prerequisite: Science 10, Math Foundations 10 is recommended

This class is a foundation course devoting much time to the study of elements, compounds, chemical equations and the mathematics involved in these areas.  Formula generation, nomenclature, balancing equations, mole calculations, and stoichiometry are the main chemistry focus and provide the background necessary for Chemistry 30.  Light, mirrors, lenses and refraction is the foundation needed for Physics 30. Class evaluation includes labs, tests and quizzes, class work and a comprehensive final exam.


Works Cited Handout70.09 KB
Chapter 10 Properties of Waves.pdf10.46 MB
Chapter 13 What is Light.pdf11.08 MB
Chapter 14 Curved Mirrors.pdf11.73 MB
PS20 Syllabus Spring 2019150.77 KB
Physical Science Journal134.95 KB
Chapter 16 Lens Applications.pdf8.99 MB