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January 30 - February 6, 2014

-course outline (link below)

-cover letter (link below)


February 10 - Feb 21, 2014

-6-word memoirs and Twitter Fiction


February 24 - 28, 2014

-VAA-W writing assessment


March 3 - March 31, 2014

-Novel study: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

                      -NOTE: Section 3 assignment is changed: complete questions #1 & 2 only; then, find a current article (from the last 6 months) that discusses either mascots, culturally biased team names, cultural appropriation, effects of colonialism, stereotypes, assimilation, Idle No More, the Indian Act) and write a response in the form of a persuasive letter to the editor.  You may have to understand the terms (do research), and research how to write a letter to the editor, as well as read samples of letters to the editor.  Include a link or a hard copy of the article please.




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