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  Science 9 Course Outline

Sept. 13th- Graphing Assignment

Sept. 14th- Scientific Method Practice

Sept. 15th- Sceince Fair Research on Computers

Sept.19th- Converting Worksheet

Sept. 20th- Dimensional Analysis Notes & Worksheet

Sept. 21rst- Smarties Lab

Sept. 22nd- Science Intro Review

Sept. 23rd- Review Continued

Sept. 26th- Science Intro Test

Sept. 27th- Bill Nye Video- Matter

Sept. 28th- Matter PPT

Sept. 29th- Finish question on PPT

Sept. 30th- Science Fair Group Work- Proposal Due Monday

Oct. 3rd- Bill Nye Chemical Reactions Video & Worksheet

Oct. 4th- Elephant Toothpaste Lab

Oct. 5th- Periodic Table Talk and PPT

Oct. 6th- Periodic Table PPT

October 11th- Periodic Table Assingment

October 12-14th- Element Project & Chemicals in your home project (Both Due Monday)

October 17th & 18th- Element Presentations

October 19th- Open Book Quiz

October 21rst- Bill Nye Atoms and Molecules

October 24th- Atoms PPt & Worksheet

October 25th- Atoms Model Worksheet and Text Book ?'s Pg. 155 # 1-11 & 13, Pg. 173 # 1-4 & 6

October 26th- Continued DUE TOMORROW

October 27th- Bohr Diagrams- create for the first 20 elements

October 28th- Science Fair Project Work

October 31rst- Bohr Ion Diagrams

November 1rst- Review

Nov. 2nd- review Cont..

Nov. 3rd- Bill Nye Video- Cells- New Unit

Nov. 4th- Science Fair Partner Work

Nov. 7th- Chemistry Test

Nov. 8th- Cell Notes PPT

Nov. 9th- Worksheet for Mitosis

Nov. 14th- Asexual Reproduction Worksheet

Nov. 15th-17th- Cancer Assignment

Nov. 18th- Discussion on Mitosis, Cells, & Cancer

Nov. 21rst- Science Fair WorkPeriod

Nov. 22nd- Sex at work Lab

Nov. 23rd- Sexual Reproduction PPT

Nov. 24th- Cont..

Nov. 28th- Mini Science Fair day

Nov. 29th- Genetics worksheets

Nov. 30th- Punnet Square

Dec. 1rst- Pg. 38 #9,10,15,16,18,21 & Pg. 74 #3,6,18

Dec. 5th Mutations PPT

Dec. 6th- Puberty N & Reproduction Notes

Dec. 7th- COnt.

Dec. 8th- Review

Dec. 9th- Genetics Test

Dec. 12th- Bill Nye Electricity

Dec. 13th- PPT Electricity

Dec. 14th Current Voltage Resistance

Dec. 15th Series Vs Parralell Circuits

Dec. 16th- Circuit Lab

Dec. 19th-21rst- Ohm's Law Worksheets

Jan. 5th- Pg. 280 #1-3, 5-9

Jan. 6th-9th- Electricity Review Pg. 232#1,2,10,12,14

Jan. 10th- Electricity Test