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Mrs. K. Miliokas' Home Page

   Mrs. Miliokas teaches English Language Arts 20, 30 and 30 AP (Advanced Placement) in Classroom F2. 

   Originally from Stratford, Ontario, Mrs. Miliokas attended the University of Western Ontario (Honours English and Drama Degree Program), and, after moving to Regina, she continued her education at the University of Regina, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) Degree.  A specialist in ELA (English, 60 credits), Mrs. Miliokas holds minors in Drama, Social Studies, and Psychology.

   After completing her education, Mrs. Miliokas began working for the Regina Public School Board as a substitute teacher in RPS elementary and high schools. She taught briefly at Thom Collegiate, and was then assigned to teach ELA and Drama at Campbell Collegiate for 14 years. After Campbell, Mrs. Miliokas spent five years at Sheldon-Williams Collegiate before joining the teaching staff at WKC in the fall of 2010. 

   Mrs. Miliokas' career has also included teaching Balfour Night School ELA 30 classes for the Board for ten years, as well as regular Summer School contracts with the Department of Education at Campbell, Robert Usher, and Johnson Collegiates. She has also served on committees and councils with the Regina Public School Board, including the Drama Special Subject Council, English Benchmarks, and the Adult Education Committee.

   One of the original founders of the Regina Chapter of the Canadian Improv Games (Campbell, 1991-2002), Mrs. Miliokas has coached Improv, directed plays, and has been involved with the Campbell and Sheldon musicals. Mrs. Miliokas has been a teacher and Board member for the Saskatchewan Drama Association (child/youth Drama), has directed and stage-managed Regina Little Theatre plays, and has volunteered at Regina's Globe Theatre.  Her extra-curricular experience includes fashion shows, ACT/Diversity Day programs, Grad committees, and special assemblies.

   Please stop by and talk to Mrs. Miliokas if you would like more information on the ELA Advanced Placement 30 class, and please check below for postings.