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January 24 - students began working on their Science Fair project.

January 25 - students continued to work on their Science Fair projects.

January 26 - students continued to work on their Science Fair projects.

January 30 - students went over WHMIS and Lab Safety today.

January 31 - students worked on basic chemistry defintions - they are posted

February 1 - students reviewed terms today and began Lab Report Template

February 2 - students began their Element Assignment

February 3 - students worked on their Red Mitts lab.

February 6 - students began the write up of the Red Mitts Lab

February 9 - students reviewed Physical Properties and prepared for tomorrow's lab.

February 10 - students completed the Physical Properties lab.

February 13 - physical and chemical changes were discussed.

February 14 - students completed the Physical/Chemical Change lab.

February 15 and 16 - students discussed Physical and Chemical Change Lab.

February 17 - students completed another Physial and Chemical Change Lab

February 27 - students wrote an essay in class today

February 28 - students did a lab today. They will work on it during class tomorrow.

February 29 - students finished their lab and peer marked another student's lab.

March 1 - students have their chemistry exam tomorrow.

March 2 - students wrote and corrected their Unit test today.

March 5 - students watched, "The Miracle of Life."

March 6 - students did a web search on cells.

March 7 - students reviewed the cells web search.


                                                                 Science Fair Due Monday

March 12 - students finished up their Science Fair projects.

March 13 - students began the study of DNA

March 14 - students continued with their study of DNA


                                                Science Fair tomorrow!

March 15 -  students continued with the study of DNA

March 16 - students partially completed a Traits worksheet. This is homework.

March 19 - students completed a DNA extraction lab.

March 21 - students were introduced to the concepts of Natural

                and Atrificial Selection.

March 22 - students began the study of cancer.

March 23 - students began their cancer assignment.

March 26 - students finished their cancer assignment.

March 27 - meiosis and mitosis were introduced.

March 28 - meiosis and mitosis were studied. A powerpoint is available.

March 29 - mitosis and meiosis were reviewed.

March 30 - female reproductive system was introduced

April 3 - female reproductive system quiz given. Male reproductive system begun

April 4 - the male reproductive system was reviewed and a quiz given.

April 19  - test tomorrow on reproduction. Electricity Unit begins on Monday.

April 20 - Reproduction test given. Electricity begins Monday. Bring your 9v batteries

April 25 - 27 - Students will begin the Electricity Unit. Assignments Science 9 Electricity

              and notes on static electricity are below.

May 1 - students did a lab on static electricity

May 2 - students did an open book test on static electricity

May 3 - Static electricity tests were marked. Students began current electricity.

May 7 - students did a lab on currrent electricity. They will continue the lab tomorrow.

May 8 - students completed the Insulators and Conductors lab.

May 9 - students completed the rotor/electrictal generator lab today.

May 10 - students worked on the rotor/electricl generator lab and began the flashlight


May 14 - students continued to work on their flashlights.

May 15 - students continued to work on their flashlights.

May 16 - students finished their flashlight assigment.

May 22 - students began the Cyborg Project. This will take approximately 4 weeks to



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Chemistry Definitions.pdf38.34 KB
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Element Assignmenta.pdf5.56 KB
Physical and Chemical Change lab.pdf232.06 KB
Lab - Drops on a penny.pdf17.8 KB
Reproduction Webquesta.pdf11.83 KB
Dominant vs Recessive Traits.doc17 KB
Mitosis and Meiosis.ppt1.49 MB
Basics of Static Electricity(Notes).pdf250.4 KB
Activity - Living without electricity.pdf54.54 KB
Current Electricity Introduction.ppt2.34 MB