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Final Assessment Schedule

Final Assessment Schedule


Monday, January 22

Period 1 Exam - 8:30 am


Tuesday, January 23

Period 2 Exam - 8:30 am

Period 3 Exam - 1:13 pm

CRP (Period 2/3) - Bus Leaves at 9:50 am

and returns at 3:00 pm

(Students are on their own for lunch)


Wednesday, January 24

Period 4 Exam - 8:30 am

CRP (Period 4/5) - Bus Leaves at 9:50 am

and returns at 3:00 pm

(Students are on their own for lunch)


Thursday, January 25

Period 5 Exam - 8:30 am

No school for students

Friday, January 26th and Monday January 29th

Semester II starts Tuesday, January 30th

Students are to go to TAG at 8:30 am


Cap and Gown Ceremony

Cap and Gown Ceremony is

Wednesday, June 27th @ 9:00 am

At the Conexus Art Centre

Students are to be at the

Conexus Art Centre @ 8:00 am

Class Drop Deadline

Class Drop Deadline

This year students will

have until November 15th

to drop a class.

After that date


RPS Attendance Incentive

Reminder to all parents/guardians:


RPS Attendance Incentive

The incentive is that the mark attained on the final assessment, which every student will write, will not negatively impact the grade earned for that class. (Mark Freeze)

- 7 or fewer absences. EX, Illness, and Appointment absences all count against student attendance.

- 1 UEX or 1 suspension (in or out of school) results in loss of incentive.  Parents have 5 school days to excuse an absence.

- 3 or fewer lates

- 3 or fewer late assignments and all assignments completed by end of semester.

- Must have minimum of 50% in the course going into the final assessment.

- In addition to the 7 absences, students are allowed 3 absences for extra-curricular activities per class, per semester(No carry-over)

- Unexcused absences from TAG - reviewed by school leadership team and may result in suspension, which will mean the loss of incentive.


**Administration is sympathetic to mistakes or errors made by parents/guardians; however, to ensure fidelity to and consistency with the RPS Incentive Protocol we will not be considering exceptions after the 5 school day window.


***Additionally, students and parents are reminded that students are required to write all final evaluations, earning the incentive does not exempt students from writing the assessment.  The earned incentive ensures that the final assessment will not negatively affect the final grade.


2016-2017 Yearbooks


2016-2017 Yearbooks have arrived

They can be picked up from the office

WKCCC meeting

WKCCC meetings

will be the held on the following days

at 7:00 pm in the Library

November 20

January 15

February 12

March 19

May 14

June 18


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