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Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region

Scholastic Volunteer Community Service Program

The RQHR Volunteer Services Youth Program features the following volunteer opportunities:

For students who require 10 or less community volunteer service hours students will be welcomed to serve at the:

* Wascana Rehabilitation Centre - Recreation Therapy Programs (Students must be 14 years of age or older)

For students 16-18 years of age - who are willing to contribute 30 or more community service hours, students will be welcomed to serve in these programs:  Scholartic Volunteer Hours will not be approved by a Volunteer Coordinator/Manager until a minimum of 30 hours are completed.

* Regina General Hospital - Pediatric Unit
* Pasqua Hospital Gift Cart or Regina General Hospital Gift Cart
* Pasqua Hospital Gift Shop or Regina General Hospital Gift Shop

Application materials and information regarding the RQHR Volunteer Services Programs can be found at - Careers - Volunteer Opportunities or stop by the WKC Guidance Office and check out the volunteer board.

2016 Fall Semester Student Volunteer Application Deadline - October 31, 2016




 2017 Cathedral Village Arts Festival

This week of arts related events continues to thrive and grow in large part due to the continued support from volunteers.  We appreciate the high school students who give their time.  Some students may require community involvement hours for classes they are completing this semester, and the Festival events give them many opportunities to participate, gain meaningful experience and fulfill their volunteer hours.

The link to the volunteer application form: