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In many important ways high school represents a significant step toward preparing for the future - a preparation that assumes careful planning to ensure that many options are available to the student.

Keeping Options Open:
Following grade 12, students may decide to enter the work force directly; they may want to attend a technical institute; they may wish to enter university. Regardless of the decisions made, students will find that entry into the world of work or enrollment in post-secondary education depends to a large extent on their high school education including marks achieved and subjects carried.

Deciding What To Take:
Each year students choose their courses for the following term. Conversations with parents, friends and teachers can provide valuable information regarding subjects to take during grade 10, 11 and 12. Student interest and ability should be taken into account. In addition to preparing for a future occupation, developing life-long interests should be continued in high school by registering in carefully selected electives. Another key information source is the guidance department. Throughout high school, guidance personnel offer students many opportunities to take tests and inventories designed to give students an assessment of their interests and abilities.
When students and parents are selecting classes for grade 10, 11 and 12, they should do so for the three-year block of time taking into consideration plans for the future, regardless of how tentative the plans may be.

Credit Requirements:
In order to graduate from grade 12, students must accumulate a minimum of 24 credits during grades 10, 11 and 12. The Department of Education specifies which subjects must be taken. These are compulsory courses. Next, certain subjects from various disciplines must be carried but the grade level at which they are achieved is optional. Finally, open electives can be selected according to future plans, interest and ability of the student.
During high school, students and parents are given the freedom to select a three-year course of study. However, if students decide to further their education, they will have to meet the subject requirements set by the chosen individual university or technical institute before enrolling. The guidance department is well aware of these requirements and encourages students to use its resources.
Students at Winston Knoll Collegiate can elect to take as many as 30 credits during grades 10, 11 and 12. Ten of these credits are required over the three years, seven are specified, leaving up to thirteen options to individual choice. In addition to TAG, all grade 10 students will carry ten subjects; grade 11 students must carry at least nine; grade 12 students are strongly encouraged to carry a minimum of eight subjects. Prerequisites are required for many courses.
Although meeting all graduation requirements is the responsibility of the students and parents, the staff and administration of Winston Knoll Collegiate are more than happy to offer guidance in this vital activity of choosing a high school program. Various sources of information are available to students; tapping all of them can better prepare students for their futures in the work place or at institutions of higher learning.

Recognizing that goals change over time should reinforce in our minds that all we can presently do is choose wisely and keep options open for the future.