New Wolverines

Welcome to Winston Knoll! You are about to join the land of the Wolverines. We assume you’re here because you are a new student to WKC - we’re happy to have you! This page is full of information that a new family to Winston Knoll Collegiate may want to know.

Please take a moment and watch our Welcome Video!

WKC Spirit

  • Spirit Wear is available for purchase through the office.  Available items and pricing are on display in the showcase in the Commons.

  • WKC has a tried and true team chants - learn them, know them, live them!

THE WOLVERINE JUNGLE (said in unison)
Deep in the heart of the Rochdale jungle
You can hear the Wolverines rumble
Oooh Ya Wolverines rumble, Oooh Ya Wolverines rumble
WHEN I SAY...(Alternating chant)
When I say Winston, you say Knoll
WKC (Alternating chant)
Double U.....KC
Double U.....KC
Winston Knoll.....WOLVERINES
Wintson Knoll.....WOLVERINES



Regina Public Schools is excited to introduce Edsby to all staff, students and parents/guardians. Edsby is a comprehensive digital learning platform.  Parents/guardians are able to use Edsby to keep up with what’s happening with their children at school and to remain active in the education of their children.



Please ensure that every time your child will be away from the school, a phone call or email is sent to the office. Excused absences must be cleared within 5 days of the absence.

Phone:  306-523-3400



School Fees

School fees can be paid online or by cash in person in the office.  School fees are based on enrollment of courses as of September.  When you set up your online account, you will be emailed every time a new fee is attached. If your child changes/drops a course throughout the year, the fees are subject to change


School Supplies

Over the summer there are a few things we need you to do in order to be prepared for school.

We need you to be organized and ready to roll when you get here. This is what we hope you bring:

  • 3” Ringed Binder with a zipper close

  • Dividers

  • Scientific Calculator with TRIG functions (sin, cos, tan)

  • Pens

  • Pencils

  • Highlighter

  • Loose Leaf Paper - please avoid coiled note books or duo tangs unless specified by classroom teacher

  • White out

  • White eraser

  • Agenda - we encourage students to keep an agenda of their choice or  use the calendar/note taking system on your phone

  • Runners- If you are taking a Phys-Ed class you will need a separate pair of indoor runners

  • Water Bottle - Water Bottle filling stations can be found throughout Knoll along with water fountains

Click here for WKC Calculator Policy


Homework Room

Our Homework Room, in Computer Lab B, runs every noon hour throughout the week!  Computers are available for use at this time. 



Our very own Commercial Cooking classes prepare food for our school cafeteria daily! Winston's is open over the lunch hour from 12:03 - 12:45. Winston’s prepaid cards are available at the office or in Winston's for $20. 


Get Involved!

High school is about a whole lot more than just academics. check out our list of extracurricular teams and clubs HERE! Read the student announcements regularly to know when team/club start ups are and when there are school events. We do have some teams and clubs that start on the very first day!


Reporting Periods

WKC runs on the semester system.  Each semester is approximately 20 weeks in length and is broken into 3 reporting periods.  Following the first reporting period, we host 3-Way Conferences and a Homework Crush.  3-Way Conferences are organized by TAG teachers; Homework Crush is an opportunity for students with outstanding assignments to complete them prior to the cut-off.  Our cut-offs are scheduled at the end of every month. Finals week rounds out the last reporting period of each semester.