Graduation 2019

Graduation Requirements and Participation in the Cap and Gown Ceremony: In order to participate in the Graduation Ceremony (Cap and Gown) a student must have received credit for all compulsory classes and have the minimum required credits determined by the Ministry of Education. A student who has not completed these requirements in June but will complete them in the following semester may elect to have their composite photo taken with this graduation class and attend Prom. If a student needs more than one semester to meet the graduation requirements it is more appropriate that they participate in next years graduation proceedings. Need to request an official transcript from the Ministry of Education? Click here: Sask Ministry of Education Transcript Requests

GRADUATION CEREMONY: The Graduation Ceremony and celebrations will be held on Tuesday June 23rd, 2020.  The ceremony starts promptly at 9:00 a.m. at the Conexus Arts Centre. 

The first row of seating will be left empty to allow for family or friends to take pictures of grads then return to their original seats. We ask that family photographers keep the centre aisle clear at all times.

  • This is a very special occasion and conduct should be exemplary. Graduates should not have their phone on your person during the Graduation ceremony.
  • On the day of the ceremony, arrive 8:20am  in your gown, v-stole and cap. Wear the cap with the tassel on the right side, if necessary, use bobby pins to hold the cap in place. You may want to put your name in your cap if you'd like it returned to you after the cap toss at the conclusion of the ceremony.
  • At 8:45 you will assemble in the alphabetically by TAG and according to your TAG teacher. You will then be walked to the main stage to be seated.  
  • For the presentation of diplomas, the curtain will close and grads will assemble by TAG on stage right. Your name will be called by the MC and you will cross the stage to receive your diploma your TAG teacher and then shake hands with the principal and vice principal. Pause for photographs then leave the stage returning to your seat behind the curtain.
  • Please share information about awards and scholarships you are receiving with your TAG teacher, they may be mentioned at this time.
  • At the conclusion of the presentation of diplomas the Emcee will say a few finals words and then present you as the Graduating class of 2020. When the curtain reopens there will be a cap toss. Please attempt to throw your cap up in the air and catch again not out into the crowd of friends and family.

Gown Pick Up: Gowns, V-stoles, and caps are yours to keep. We will post when students are able to pick up these.  Those who have not paid their grad fees for the year will not be given their gown until it is paid.  

Cap and Gown Photos:

Valedictorian: In May Grade 12 students may apply directly to the committe to give the address themselves. Once all applications have been received a Valedictorian committee comprised of teachers and admin will select a Valedictorian. The Valedictorian Speech is delivered at the Cap and Gown Ceremony.

Grad Banquet/Prom: This year a parent group is hosting a Banquet and Prom for all grade 12s on Saturday, June 20th.  This is NOT a SCHOOL EVENT.   Information for all grads can be found on Facebook: 2020WKC Grad,  Instagram:  Wkcgrad2020info, or Viscal:  If you require more information please email  All students currently enrolled in Grade 12 classes at Winston Knoll Collegiate are eligible to attend and purchase tickets for the Senior Prom.

Financial Commitments: Please note that at this time these costs are approximated and may change as information becomes available. ** $30.00 cash or cheque made out to Lifetouch for Cap and Gown Photos in March $60.00 Cap and Gown fee will be collected in April. **Please don't let finances keep you from participating, contact the Main Office for financial assistance options.

**Yearbook Grad Quotes** 

Contact: Please contact our main office at 306-523-3400 if you have any questions.

Graduate Checklist

  • Credit Counts and Graduation requirements discussed with TAG teacher
  • Attend TAG and Grade level TAG Assemblies to stay informed
  • Sit for Cap and Gown Class Composite Photo
  • Consider applying for the Valedictorian Address
  • Pay for your Cap and Gown fees
  • Submit application for a Prom Guest and purchase Prom tickets Invite family and friends
  • Attend and celebrate