Winston Knoll Collegiate's Student Expectations

Together, we work to instill the Regina Public School values.  As students, staff and guardians we work to support each other to be the best we can be.


I Belong:  

  • care about yourself, others and our school
  • be proud of who you are
  • show honour in my actions
  • be polite
  • be safe and help others be safe


I Want to Know:   

  • work at my skills and talents
  • try my best
  •  embrace new ideas
  • complete my work
  • get help when needed



I am Responsible:  

  • make positive choices
  • be independent
  • problem solve
  • be responsible
  • be on time




I Respect:   

  • show respect – language, music, clothing
  • be considerate, kind and honest
  • be helpful
  • show empathy to how others feel

Key Rules:

  • TAG – students are expected to attend TAG every day.
  • Headgear – may be worn at the discretion of the classroom teacher.  Headgear is permitted in the hallway with the exception of bandanas.
  • Cell Phones – cell phones can be used at the discretion of the classroom teachers. Follow our Technology use procedures in class at all times.






  • Pictures, videos, voice-notes of students or staff are not permitted without permission.  You can be suspended for posting any of the above.
  • Attendance/Lates– students are expected to be here and on time.
  • Smoking/Vaping – smoking and vaping are NOT permitted on school property. 
  • Know your JOB, do your job!