Extra Curricular

At Winston Knoll we feel that a student's school experience is greater when they get involved.  Please encourage your student to join a club, a team, be part of the musical, or the band or choir.  Below is a list of the activities offered and which teacher you may contact for more information. 

School Activities for 2021





Cross Country

Ms. K. Manastyrski, Ms. W. Bellisle

Sept to Oct


Mr. A. Turbuck, Mr. L. Ford

Aug to Nov

Football Stats

Mr. M. Stumph


Boys Soccer

Mr. H. Basi, Mr. G. Braun

Sept to Nov

Girls Soccer

Ms. K. Sherman (advisor), Ms. K. Holness

Sept to Nov

Boys Jr. Vball

Mr. C. Lothian, Mr. M. Hoffman, Mr. Z. Cowper

Sept to Dec

Boys Sr. Vball

Mr. C. Lothian, Mr. A. Jeannot

Sept to Dec

Girls Jr. Vball

Ms. A.McKinna & Ms. B. Leibel

Sept to Dec

Girls Sr. Vball

Ms. S. Haniak, Mr. M. Brouet

Sept to Dec

Boys Sr. Vball Tourney

Mr. C. Lothian


Girls Jr. Vball Tourney

Jr. Team


Feeder School Vball Tourney

Mr. C. Lothian


Cheer and Dance

Ms. C. Anderson (dance), Ms. A. Herman (cheer)

Sept to May

Boys Jr. Bball

Mr. Z. Cowper

Dec to Apr

Boys Sr. Bball

Mr. T. Artemenko, Mr. C. Warnecke

Dec to Apr

Girls Jr. Bball


Dec to Apr

Girls Sr. Bball

Mr. L. Ford

Dec to Apr


Ms. B. Burgess


Feeder School Bball Tourney

Mr. Z. Cowper, Mr. L. Ford



Ms. T. Smith

Jan to Mar


Mr. M. Weisgarber, Mr. V. Stevenson

Feb to May


Mr. D. Sveinson (advisor)

Jan to Mar


Mr. L. Ford

Mar to May


Ms. A. Mallory, Ms. Allen

Mar to May

Flag Football

Ms. S. Haniak



Mr. C. Lothian, Mr. D. Bussiere


Track and Field

Mr. A. Jeannot, Mr. L. Ford, Mr. M. Stumph

May to June

Ultimate Frisbee

Ms. K. Sherman, Mr. J. Kuntz


Arts Education



Chamber Choir

Ms. D. Taylor-Neale


Vocal Jazz

Ms. D. Taylor-Neale



Ms. L. LaFontaine, Ms. T. MacDonald



Musical Makeup:                            Musical Choreography                    Musical Set:

Musical Costumes:                          Musical Finances:

Musical Publicity:

Musical Technical:                          Musical Tickets: & Program:           Musical Sewing:     

House manager                                                   

Mr. R. Caswell, Ms. D. Taylor-Neale

Ms. T. MacDonald

Mr. J. Kuntz

Mr. J. Kuntz

Ms. Orthner

Mr. J. Kuntz

Mr. J. Kuntz

Mr. J. Kuntz

Ms. A. Sirois

Mr. J. Kuntz


Leah Constable

Sept to Dec

One Act Plays

Mr. R. Caswell, Mr. J. Kuntz

Jan to May

Clubs and Activities



AV Productions                              

Mr. M. Brouet


D4 Club

Ms. C. Orthner


Best Buddies                                    

Ms. L. McGeough


WKC Pride                                    

Ms. K. McIver



Ms. K. Sherman


Mock Trial                                     


Outdoor Club                              

Mr. D. Sveinson, Ms. K. Sherman, Ms. W. Bellisle, Mr. M. Weisgarber


Skills Canada                                 

Mr. M. Weisgarber, Ms. K. Sherman


Ski/ Snow Board Club                   

Mr. D. Sveinson, Mr. M. Brouet, Ms. W. Bellisle



Mr. M. Weisgarber, Ms. K. Forsyth, Ms. A. Mallory


ASL Club

Ms. M. Grodecki, Dr. J. Weber, Mr. A. Thomas, Ms. W. Bellisle



Mr. L. Ford, Mr. A. Turbuck


Weightroom Training



Video Game Club


International Languages and Friendship Club

Mr. D. Sveinson + intern



Mr. K. McIver, Mr. R. Caswell, Mr. C. Riffel