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Bell Schedule

Bell Schedule 2021/2022 School Year

7:24 am to 8:25 am - Early Bird Class

8:30 am to 9:31 am - Period 1

9:36 am to 9:51 am - TAG

9:56 am to 10:57 am - Period 2

11:02 am to 12:03 pm - Period 3

12:03 pm to 1:08 pm - Lunch/Band/Choir

1:13 pm to 2:14 pm - Period 4

2:19 pm to 3:20 pm - Period 5

Grad 2021

Congratulations 2021 Graduates!!!  Thank you for joining us for the 2021 Graduation Ceremony.  Please click here to have access to all of the photos that our staff took at the ceremony.  All pictures will be available for the month of July. 


Introducing Edsby

May 4, 2021 -- Regina Public Schools is excited to introduce Edsby to all staff, students and parents/guardians. Edsby is a comprehensive digital learning platform that will replace the PowerSchool Parent Portal this summer. Parents/guardians will be able to use Edsby to keep up with what’s happening with their children at school and to remain active in the education of their children.

Parents/guardians are asked to please CLICK HERE for an important document that contains the step-by-step instructions that need to be completed by June 1st.

Online Driver Education

Driver Education classes for Regina Public high school students will be held online. Students must be 15 years of age to register before classes begin. To register, please review and complete the program information and application form, as well as the MySGI account information found below. Please send the completed application form to your home high school. If you have any questions, please contact your school office directly.

Application Form

SGI Customer Number Information